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Registration now open for Goldline & Interclub youth leagues


Big changes are in store for the TCA Goldline youth league this season as it moves to every second Tuesday night (7:30 p.m. start time) at St. George’s G & CC from its traditional Sunday timing. This change will have many benefits for the competitive youth teams and should enable the league to expand to additional draws and potentially additional locations as the year’s progress.

With the growth of competitive youth events on weekends, it had become virtually impossible for any team entering a number of OCA, OJCT and Slam events to fit Sunday Goldline games into their schedules. As a result it made it difficult for the league to retain teams for more then a season and forced competitive youth teams to join adult weekday leagues in order to get good weekly competition. Adult leagues provide good competition, but aren’t always ideal for youth teams due to timing, alcohol aspects and the age differences.

With the advent of the Tuesday Goldline league, youth teams in the GTA now have access to a regular bi-weekly game against similarly aged and experienced youth teams from across the GTA. Due to the nature of competitive youth teams often being comprised of players from various clubs, there will be lots of flexibility in the league for which club players play out of. Please see “League Summary” and “Rules and Info” tab under the Youth Leagues tab on the TCA website for more details on the league.

Online registration for the league is now open on the TCA website and will be on first come first in basis, although we will attempt to fit in as many teams as possible. Don’t be late signing up so you don’t miss the opportunity to play in this very affordable competitive youth league this season.

Note: These changes do not affect the TCA Interclub youth league which will continue to run on Sundays.

For any questions on the leagues please address to:

Dave Rooney
TCA Youth League Co-ordinator

Sep 5th

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