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Member Club Reps

Club Reps

Club representatives are the individuals at each member club who are charged with maintaining lines of communications between the TCA and their member club. If you’re trying to understand a matter that’s related to a specific member club, these people are a good place to begin:

# Member Club Club Rep Board Member Affiliation
1. Annandale Beth Potter Richard Hart
2. Bayview Michelle Gower Jeanette Soo
3. Brampton Bona Lea Allard George Karrys
4. Ching Steve Bailey Michelle Smith
5. Dixie Rhonda Blanch Hugh Murphy
6. Donalda Brian Merriman Danielle Inglis
7. East York Aidan Ritchie Jason Chang
8. Granite Barry Stephens George Cooke
9. High Park Rajan Burman Dave Rooney
10. King Mike Sidon Cory Randell
11. Leaside Chris Marino Grace Bugg
12. Mississaugua Janet Murphy Michelle Smith
13. Oakville Tom Leishman Hugh Murphy
14. Oshawa Chris Daffern Jeanette Soo
15. Richmond Hill Greg Langis Danielle Inglis
16. Royals Jason Chang
17. Scarboro Linda Petherick Hugh Murphy
18. St. George’s Bonnie Sacchetti Sindy Jagger
19. Tam Heather  Doug Miller Richard Hart
20. Thornhill Karri-Lee Grant George Karrys
21. Toronto Cricket Rob Maddock & Liz Pelletier Grace Bugg
22. Unionville Kevin Lowe George Cooke
23. Weston Bob Weeks Sindy Jagger
24. Whitby Tracey Macauley Richard Hart
25. York Bruce Orrell Cory Randell



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