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The traditional Honour Guard

The traditional Honour Guard

Twenty four ladies curlers selected from all corners of Scotland are nearly finished a three week tour of Quebec and Ontario, where they have enjoyed a packed itinerary of curling and social activities with their Canadian hosts.

This Canadian-Scottish women’s tour started in 1955 and operates on a five year rotational basis; Canadian curlers visit Scotland followed five years later by Scottish curlers visiting Canada, and so on.

So far the ladies have visited and competed at Bayview, Cricket, Richmond Hill, Donalda, Thornhill and Annandale. They are set to visit Dixie today (November 23) and then Mississauga on the 26th, which will be the final stop on their tour. To date, the Scots lead their Canadian hosts by a total score of 758 to 656. So it’s up to our west-end ladies to upset the Scottish apple cart at the last minute, eh?

Kudos to the visitors for keeping a remarkable up-to-date weblog on their tour… read all about it here.

Good luck to all involved and top marks for such tremendous camaraderie!

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