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Photo: Derek Leung, centre, poses with Team Ulsrud with the broom they donated to his auction at Leaside Curling Club

Photo: Derek Leung, centre, poses with Team Ulsrud with the broom they donated to his auction at Leaside Curling Club

Jerseys signed by elite world curlers are up for auction until the end of February as part of a Toronto curler’s fundraising initiative for the Sandra Schmirler Foundation.

Derek Leung, the 2017 Spirit of Sandra Scholar, launched an online auction of items the Leaside curler has collected over the season from Canadian, international and Olympic teams.

A WFG Continental Cup broom donated by Norway’s Team Ulsrud and autographed shirts from Japan’s Team Fujisawa are among the prizes up for bidding.

All the proceeds from the auction will go to the Sandra Schmirler Foundation, created in honour of three-time world curling champion and Olympic gold medalist Sandra Schmirler. The foundation funds live-saving equipment for premature and critically ill babies in Canada and junior curling scholarships.

Bids for any items can be done on the auction Facebook page: Sandra Schmirler Foundation Silent Auction, under the “Discussion” tab.

Leung said the fundraiser is important to him from a personal and medical standpoint.

“I admire Sandra Schrmirler for her accomplishments on and off the ice, and I want to promote the foundation and fundraise to continue her legacy,” said Leung.

Leung is also a first responder on the Laurentian University Campus Emergency Response Team, a job he said has allowed him to see both the necessity and cost of specialized medical equipment.

“I can only imagine the familial and financial stress that a new family might have, and I want to help ease some of this stress,” said Leung.

The auction closes February 25.

Leung, who lives in Sudbury for university but comes back from time to time to his hometown of Toronto, will announce the auction prize winners at Leaside Curling Club, along with a talk on the Sandra Schmirler Foundation and his international curling experiences – he’s a member on Team Hong Kong.

He said people can show support their support by bidding on items online, sharing his Facebook event or donating to the foundation directly.

For more information, you can check out the event page: Sandra Schmirler Foundation Silent Auction on Facebook or contact Leung himself at


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