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CurlON COVID-19 Update – July 8

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Return to Play Guidelines available from July 6th

CurlON released the Return to Play guidance document on July 6th. The document is very detailed and will guide our sport for the anticipated curling season. CurlON has recorded and distributed the Return to Play Townhall webinar previously scheduled to be presented on July 8th. Townhall webinar meetings scheduled for July 8th were cancelled.

Link to Return-to-Play Townhall webinar

A Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ) document was also distributed on July 8. If you have more questions for CurlON, please email to them using the email. [email protected]

More Townhall webinars will be scheduled as required.

Working together we will all achieve the desired results. Looking forward to productive discussions.