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The OCA’s Next Special General Meeting

On Sunday, April 27 at 1:00 PM, a special general meeting of the OCA will be held at the Mississaugua Golf & Country Club.  At this meeting, the executive of the OCA will lay out a proposed pathway for the future of the organization.  On the agenda, there are non-confidence motions with respect to both the current president and the current board of the OCA;  the details of this pathway and the meeting itself represent a clear crossroad for the OCA’s current executive.

The TCA Board has been watching the Ontario Curling Association and its challenges very carefully over the last eight months.  Our concerns have mounted and we have begun actively communicating with the Ottawa Valley Curling Association (OVCA) and the Hamilton Area Curling Association (HACA) about an unconscionable state of affairs. It is apparent the organization is not operating efficiently or effectively and the credibility of the OCA’s leadership is currently in question.  We are all very concerned with what we have been witnessing.

On Sunday, March 30, the OCA hosted a special general meeting at the Annandale Golf & Country Club. The objective of that meeting had been to clarify the issues surrounding the OCA’s challenges in working with the Canadian Curling Association (CCA) and to explain why our provincial association found itself  ”a member not in good standing,” of the national body.

The minutes of this recent meeting will accessible before the end of April.  (A draft set of these minutes has been circulated and can be provided on request.) In these minutes you will find an OCA admission that its communication efforts with both OCA reps and with member clubs have been sorely lacking and that it needs to improve its efforts.  You will also find an OCA commitment to greater transparency and to a review of governance and policies.

The Toronto Curling Association believes that the OCA must clean house in a significant manner.  The OVCA and HACA hold the same general belief.  We will be very pleased if the OCA’s communications between now and the 27th of April — and its presentation at that meeting — can rebuild the confidence of Ontario curlers in our provincial association.

TCA member clubs are urged to attend this important meeting, to voice their concerns and to communicate with their OCA reps regarding the current state of affairs.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, I am available to speak about the TCA’s perspective on the matters.


Hugh Murphy, President
Toronto Curling Association



Family Day Curling With Mel

The Mel Lastman outdoor ice surface at North Your Civic Centre played host to curling on Saturday the 15th of February!  It was a pretty central location, being only 2km north of the 401 at Yonge Street, so about 200 kids came on out and cheer on Canada’s effort to bring home the gold in Olympic curling!  They all had fun trying the game, too.

Curling at Mel Lastman Square

Curling at Mel Lastman Square

Thanks to the Oakville Curling Club for supplying all of the equipment we needed to make this demonstration day possible.


Youth TeamBuilding Clinic

The TCA’s annual TeamBuilding clinic for youths is set to roll again at Oakville!

Click Here to register.

Kids who want to team up with others to form teams for next year should attend this event.

DATE: Sunday, 27 April

TIME: 2:00pm to 5:00pm

COST: $10 (pay at door)

The objective of this event is to provide a forum that will help young curlers find bonspiel/competitive teams for next year.

You should attend if you are:

  1. A single youngster looking for three others to play with
  2. A two-some looking for two others; or
  3. A threesome looking for a fourth
  4. Just getting into more competitive play and want to meet others
  5. Already a competitive player but you need others to play with
  6. From anywhere in Ontario (yes, it’s for more than just players from the Toronto area.)

Essentially, if you’re looking for others youths to curl with, you should consider attending.

It’s simple. Show up on the day with your curling gear. You will:

  1. Pre-register by filling out this form; then,
  2. Pay our nominal $10 processing fee when you arrive…
  3. Declare what you’re looking for (that’s part of this form)
  4. Throw stones, off and on, from 2:30pm to 5pm
  5. Network and Organize your new team
  6. Play two ends with other players…then switch teams and play two more ends with other players.

You should have a scout there with you… a parent, chaperone or coach. They will help act as your agent… looking for others who might fit with you. It is essential that you understand that those of us who are running The TCA TeamBuilding Clinic are NOT match-makers. You need to take ownership of finding team members yourself. We provide the forum… you provide the initiative to build your own team.

We will build a list of registrants (players who attend) and this will be provided to all who attend. By attending and registering, you are providing consent to have your identity and contact information distributed in this manner to the other registrants — it is a networking event, after all.


Outstanding Contributions!

Each year the TCA recognizes an individual for his or her contributions to curling in the Toronto area. This award can be earned due to accomplishments on the ice or off the ice in an organizational or supportive role. It can be a combination of any or all activities related to curling. The award is generally presented each Spring by the TCA. There are many worthy nominees within the GTA curling community. You are invited to make a nomination.

Please Complete THIS ONLINE FORM.

People who have received this award in the past include:

Year Recipient Club Affiliation
2013 Art Leganchuk Coach Bayview Golf & Country Club

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